Why Now is the Time to Become a TITLE Boxing Club Franchisee

For over a decade, TITLE Boxing Club (TBC) has been a pioneer in the boutique fitness space. As a membership-based fitness club, TBC has created a state-of-the-art experience that allows members to perform exercises that engage mind, body and spirit.

Helping others improve their physical & mental health

At TITLE Boxing Club, the main goal is to ensure that all members are taking the necessary steps toward improving their physical and mental health. TBC franchise owners love what they do because they understand the benefits of fitness boxing. Fitness boxing can provide significant lifestyle improvements, such as stress relief, mental clarity, full-body fitness, and self-confidence.

  • Stress Relief – Using full-body force through the act of punching releases endorphins.
  • Mental Clarity – Focusing on the exercise itself allows members to centralize thoughts.
  • Full-body Fitness – Boxing allows members to master balance, agility and quick reactions.
  • Self Confidence – TBC doesn’t train members to fight, but knowing these self-defense tactics can be beneficial.

To become a franchise owner, prior business experience and boxing experience aren’t required, however, all franchise owners share the same drive for positively impacting members of the community by encouraging healthier lifestyles.

franchisees help students

An Investment That Helps Others live their best lives

As a TITLE Boxing Club franchise owner, they’re investing in themselves and in others. In an effort to positively impact multiple communities, TBC offers potential franchise owners the opportunity to own multiple units. More units mean increased profitability for franchise owners and a greater impact on several communities.

The TITLE team guides franchise owners through conversations about numbers and startup costs. The initial investment cost covers all franchise fees, equipment costs, construction and real estate costs, training, initial marketing for the grand opening, and start-up business expenses.

In addition, the TBC team will assist franchise owners in many other areas beyond the grand opening day.

The Support You Need When you need it

TITLE Boxing Club franchise owners are never shy to ask for help because they know the TBC team always has their back. The TITLE Boxing Club franchise as a whole can only be successful if their franchise owners are successful, therefore, their team works tirelessly to help franchise owners meet and exceed all goals and expectations.

Support for franchise owners begins the moment they sign the franchise agreement and is prominent throughout site selection, design and construction, training, marketing, operations, grand opening, and beyond.

To ensure all franchise owners have a proper site selection process, TBC gives franchise owners access to their real estate specialists. Once the perfect location has been found, TBC partners, along with the franchise owner, will assist with layout management, contractor bids, the permitting and construction process and the initial equipment package and installation for opening day.

TITLE Boxing Club won’t leave their franchise owners hanging when it comes to training and preparing staff. Their team provides franchise owners and staff members with the knowledge they need to successfully operate a TITLE Boxing Club. Franchise owner training consists of learning operations, hiring the best talent, providing the best customer experience, class instruction and retail sales tactics.

Prior to opening day, the team will provide the franchise owner with marketing strategies to build awareness in their community. Digital media, special events, local store marketing, community outreach and access to their marketing assets, will make customers eager to step foot in the new boxing club in their community.

Franchise owners never have to struggle with daily operations because the TBC team has perfected their business system to assist with scheduling, best practices, systems, coaching, pre-opening training, grand opening support and ongoing support. With all the support and assistance, franchise owners are ready to take on the challenge.


Step Into The Ring

After learning about the benefits of owning and operating a boxing club, it’s finally time to step into the ring.

This year, TITLE Boxing Club is excited to begin implementing their four core initiatives to take TBC to the next level. By driving lead management, enhancing in-club experiences, building the brand and leveraging pricing power, TBC is making strides to continue being one step ahead.

If you’re ready to take on an exciting and profitable challenge, step into the ring with TITLE Boxing Club by contacting us today to find out how you can become a boxing club franchise owner.