Why Joining TITLE Boxing Club is an Investment in Yourself and Others

As a TITLE Boxing Club franchise owner, you’ll run a membership-based fitness club and provide a state-of-the-art experience under expert guidance and with ongoing support.

But it is so much more than that. You will watch as lives are transformed – physically and mentally – all because you decided to start living your dream and launch your own business.

TITLE Boxing Club changes lives for the better. We see it in our members, and we see it in our franchisees. TITLE Boxing Club enables you to fuel your passions for business and fitness and share that experience with others.

Here are just some of the ways TITLE Boxing Club delivers a winning punch for our franchise owners:

• Respected brand in the boutique fitness market
• Responsive product and service offerings for unit volume growth and increased ROI
• Favorable unit economics
• Proven business model with four revenue streams

We continue to push ourselves to help our franchisees continue to be primed to beat the competition. We do this by consistently delivering a workout experience like no other and a business experience unmatched by any other.