Why It’s Important to Market Your Fitness Franchise on Social Media

Dedicated gym-goers and fitness influencers alike have realized the inherent strengths in social media – particularly Instagram – for valuable branding and online community purposes.

Still, many health and fitness club owners, especially within franchise systems, don’t regularly tap into the large pool of consumers who crave fitness and health-oriented content.

At TITLE Boxing Club, we’re proud of the robust social following we’ve cultivated at the corporate level. Nevertheless, we always encourage franchisees to supplement our brand-wide efforts with their local club’s own social channels.

Our corporate marketing team recently launched an eight-part webinar series for our franchisees, coaching them on ways to optimize their presence on Instagram and other social platforms. Ultimately, this drives membership and retention for their franchise locations.

“Over the past year, we noticed a lot of similar questions from franchisees about creating and maintaining their specific franchise location’s social media accounts,” said Jenny Parker, senior field marketing manager at TITLE Boxing Club. “We compiled all the questions we received, and from there, we created the eight topics we wanted to cover throughout the series.”

Seeing is Believing: The Importance of Instagram for Fitness Franchise Brands

Although our marketing team offers support across social platforms, the majority of content covered in the webinars delves into Instagram.

“Instagram is such a central part of any social strategy – especially when it comes to fitness brands,” Jenny said. “We decided to host these webinars to provide our franchisees with the knowledge they need to be empowered to run their Instagram accounts to the highest level.”

Nearly 60 percent of Internet users regularly scroll through Instagram – the photo-centric social media platform that generates 84 times more engagement than Twitter and 10 times more engagement than Facebook.

Long story short, if you’re not utilizing Instagram, you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to directly reach and interact with a substantial audience of consumers.

“A strong social media presence is essential for any fitness brand because people are visual,” Jenny said. “They want to see for themselves what the workout is and to decide if it’s a good fit. That’s why franchisees who have taken ownership of their local channels have seen such a strong response when it comes to converting leads, and why so many franchisees have been asking us how they can get started with the platform – prompting us to launch this webinar.”

The webinar aims to help franchisees bring guests to their local TITLE Boxing Club, while also creating a member community online. Specifically, the eight-part series covers:

  • Social Media Content Library – How to create a social media content calendar and example posts to include for your club.
  • Instagram Clean-Up – How to archive posts and track post KPIs to create a “buzz-worthy” feed.
  • Insta-Good Instagram – The importance of stories and highlights, as well as how to create them on your account.
  • Influencer Relations – The ins and outs of influencer relations, including which ones to target, how to interact with them and the importance of building these relationships.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) – User-generated content is one of the main drivers of lead This section covers how to share UGC and interact with those already engaging with your brand.
  • Marketing with Brand Ambassadors – What brand ambassadors are, how to find them and why they’re important for your brand.
  • Engagement 101 – How to increase your follower base and engagement.
  • Trainer Takeovers – The TITLE Boxing Club “Trainer Takeover” campaign and how you can become involved to increase your following.
  • Influencer Events – The importance of influencer events, as well as how to plan them for greatest exposure.


Motivate and Convert Followers

Not only does Instagram allow followers to get an inside view of a workout and fitness club, but the platform is also instrumental in sparking users’ motivation, which cultivates a loyal social following with continued engagement.

For fitness franchise brands like TITLE Boxing Club, it’s a low-effort but highly effective medium, allowing us to reach potential members and followers in moments of real-time need.

Tapping into users’ specific goals, while showing them how your TITLE Boxing Club franchise helps them accomplish these goals, is extremely effective at converting followers into members – and holding onto members in the long term.

“On Instagram, we get the opportunity to showcase how amazing our workout is and how strong our members are – inside and out. We tell a story with every post – a strong mom, a determined college student, a brave guest looking to lose weight, whatever it may be,” Jenny said. “Everyone is fighting a battle today. We want to show that your battle matters here. You belong here.”

Since 60 percent of Instagrammers use the platform to learn about products and services, and 75 percent take action after being inspired by a post, it’s never been easier to capitalize on the platform’s membership conversion power.

Without the right tools in place, it can get overwhelming. That’s why our marketing team always offers extensive ongoing training, support and guidance to stay ahead of the trends, tap into key local markets and help you make the most of your franchise investment with TITLE Boxing Club.

To learn more about our best-in-class marketing support or becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit franchise.titleboxingclub.com.