Today Show Features TITLE Boxing Club Trainer

Jessica Margulies’ boxing class helps young people on the autism spectrum.

The video feature was first aired on Today on 2/19/20.

When Jessica Margulies began teaching children with autism in New York City 11 years ago, she never could have imagined that move would land her a feature on the Today show for boxing!

After trying boxing herself and witnessing the positive effects it had on her – increasing her confidence and strength – Margulies wondered if it could work as well for her students. “It hit me; this would be a great feeling for kids with special needs to feel,” remembers Margulies. “There’s something really structured about boxing…and children who are on the spectrum really love structure.” So, she started Spectrum Bout five years ago to teach boxing to students with autism spectrum disorder — ranging from 7 to 22 years old — at TITLE Boxing Club in Forest Hills, New York. The results have been better than she could have dreamed.

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Many of the parents of Margulies’ students swear by the boxing lessons and their ability to “make something click” in the students, fostering discipline and self-control.

“From the outside boxing looks very aggressive with a lot of challenges…I love the challenges and the hard work and patience that it takes in order to help someone progress in life in a positive way,” concludes Margulies.