TITLE On Demand Key to Success During Pandemic

During the COVID-19 crisis, TITLE Boxing Club wanted to be sure to support our franchisees just as much as they were continuing to support their members. We were ready and prepared for this in 2019 when we launched TITLE On Demand, a subscription-based service that provides access to hundreds of TITLE Boxing Club classes online.

During the pandemic, we offered TITLE On Demand free to members through May 31. The on-demand service features video content geared towards total-body boxing workouts our members can do anywhere, anytime.

franchise digital platform

When the platform launched in January 2019, Susan Boresow, President of Title Boxing Club, said, “I’m so excited about launching Title Boxing Club On Demand. I think it’s one of the best strategic moves we’ve made from a business standpoint going into the next 10 years. We have to adopt this strategy for many reasons. The future is there–it’s what the consumer wants, it’s what the consumer demands and it’s what our members want. For us to stay in front of the competition and lead in this space there’s a lot of value this initiative is going to provide.” The timing of the platform launch in 2019 put TITLE Boxing in a position to lead during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

Especially now, more brick and mortar businesses are showing interest in using video on demand to reach a wider and more diverse audience. TITLE Boxing Club understood that in order to expand our user base, we needed to make a move towards a digital strategy, never guessing how crucial this decision would be just months later as the pandemic hit. TITLE Boxing Club now has the ability to advance our workouts to consumers who do not live by a TITLE Boxing Club studio, members who are unable to attend a studio class or anyone wanting to try a boxing workout.

Subscribers can choose a workout based on their boxing level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and from their categories in Getting StartedBoxingKickboxingStrength & PowerSpeed & Agility and Recovery. 24/7 streaming and download access is available across multiple devices, including web browsers, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Roku. Users can also download individual workout videos for offline use. TITLE Boxing Club On Demand complements in-studio workouts for members and offers up the opportunity to never miss an intense sweat in their workout routine – even during a pandemic.