TITLE Boxing Club Prez Finds Courage to Lead

This article was published on Franchise Times on 6/30/20.

Teaching classes outdoors. Making TITLE On Demand temporarily free. Adding plexiglass barriers and face shields. These are among the tactics at TITLE Boxing Club to make it through the pandemic.

But President Susan Boresow says the most important element is courage.

“Leading without fear. The unknown is the unknown,” she said when asked how she’s rethinking as cases spike in some states and partial lockdowns are again imposed. “I applaud our franchisees. Everyone is doing a great job,” including her corporate staff.

She believes in “keeping focused, and also practicing what I preach. Part of our values, one of them is live with a healthy mind and body,” she said. “I’ve worked out every day. I have a pop-up bag” to do TITLE’s signature boxing workout. “We use Slack, so we divided up in teams and did walking contests. So keeping active is great.”

Also important, “is creating a positive environment. Hey, some days, we’ve all experienced them,” everyone feels lousy and business is tough. She makes a point to keep “listening to franchisees, and all their emotions.”

And her third value “Is producing results with dedication.”

“If you stay true to your core values and just listen, it all works out,” she said. “The key thing is adapting, because no one knew this one was coming. Just adapt to everything and give it a try.”

Seventy percent of TITLE’s clubs are open today, she said. As clubs reopen, TITLE is giving 30-percent-off royalties, typically between 7 and 7.5 percent of sales, for the first month. And its POS vendor is also giving a cost reduction for the first four weeks.

TITLE Boxing Club has 183 units in the United States, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Cost of investment ranges from $171,950 to $514,993.

At TITLE Boxing Club, new memberships and sales/revenue are 40 percent up year over year, the company said. New member prospects are up 47 percent. Retail sales of gloves/wraps/shirts are up 34 percent, mainly due to new memberships.