TITLE Boxing Club Gloves Up for Growth after Year of Preparation and Innovation

After being acquired by BoxUnion to form the nation’s premier omnichannel fitness boxing brand, the TITLE Boxing Club team has worked hard to roll out the latest technology, improve products and services, and implement a best-in-class training and support program for franchisees.

As we dive into another busy year, we’re taking a look back at 2021 and how we’ve prepared our boutique fitness franchise for maximum growth.

Rolling Out the Latest and Greatest Technology

One of the easiest ways to innovate is by utilizing the latest technology. Not only does it make processes more efficient, but it can make experiences contactless, customizable and unforgettable.

Technology plays a major role in business because it provides valuable data and analytics that allow brands to continuously improve. It can also simplify processes so that franchise partners can streamline their efforts and increase profitability.

TITLE Boxing Club spent the majority of 2021 revamping our digital platform, TITLE On Demand so that we can meet members wherever they are and franchise partners can increase revenue through the sale of bundled memberships.

Our team also provided monthly playbooks providing franchise partners with tools, resources and guidance to promote member and employee retention. We then enhanced our email marketing platform to help franchise partners keep in touch with current and potential members.

Taking Our Products and Services to the Next Level

At TITLE Boxing Club, we are committed to constantly improving our products and services. We not only take into account feedback from our members but also our franchisees.

In 2021, we implemented an improved class structure and began regularly updating training materials to motivate instructors to add to their skills. We also created an effective system for rolling out new workout enhancements.

We even created the new TITLE University to further our commitment to the provision of excellent online learning and development resources.

Each of these changes has allowed us to become a pioneer in the industry, offering a premium experience for our members to make their TITLE workout the highlight of their day.

Offering 360 Degree Support

In addition to improving our products and services, we also spent a lot of time strengthening our support system. We made multiple new hires at the corporate level including Director of Franchise Operations (DFO’s) and a VP of Field Marketing, all with extensive industry experience.

We support franchisees in all areas of business- from real estate to design and construction, training, marketing and operations.

“It’s been incredibly gratifying to hear from franchise partners who have adopted these newly rolled out programs who are sharing the success it has brought their clubs,” said Felicia Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer of TITLE Boxing Club and Co-Founder of BoxUnion.

“With all systems in place, the focus for 2022 is solely on execution and growth. We will continue to make hires and investments so the franchise grows – the right way.”

TITLE Boxing Club is committed to the success of our franchisees. We are regularly evaluating our processes and feedback and plan to use these insights to open over 300 domestic clubs by 2025.


Are you looking to share your passion for fitness and wellness with a rapidly-growing, innovative brand? Contact us today about opening a TITLE Boxing Club in your area.