TITLE Boxing Club is a Franchise with a lot of Heart

TITLE Boxing Club is a Franchise with a lot of Heart


When Jason Voci and Matthew Gandolfo heard about #WhyNotDevin, a campaign to raise awareness about diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma and a local child’s effort to beat the cancer in 2017, they knew they had to get involved. The multi-unit TITLE Boxing Club franchisees in suburban Boston did what they often do when they learn about people or causes that need help – they organized a Box-a-Thon.

The Box-a-Thon brought in more than 100 elementary school students and adults from the Framingham, Mass., area to participate in several rounds of boxing classes to raise money. The event raised more than $2,000 to go toward researching the cause of and a potential cure for the often deadly brainstem tumor that affects approximately 300 children a year.

A year later, Jason and Matthew held another Box-a-Thon at their Marlborough club, this time to fulfill the wishes of a longtime trainer whose husband was battling lymphoma. The trainer wanted the money to go to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Jason and Matthew hired a DJ, musicians and organized an after-party event at the Apex Center, a large entertainment venue in Marlborough.

The franchisees support other community causes, too. They participate in food drives and offer complimentary memberships to local law enforcement officers and firefighters.

“We have the platform to do these things,” Jason said. “Any time you have the ability to help someone out, whether you know them or not, you should do it.”

Jason attributes much of their philanthropic efforts to the flexibility and support provided by TITLE Boxing Club corporate, which allows franchisees to partner with any altruistic cause or foundation they want. Just a few of the causes TITLE Boxing Club locations have helped include hurricane relief, animal rescues, school supplies drives and collections for the homeless. This allows franchises to help fulfill specific needs in each community.

Meeting Local Needs

Community is a large part of the TITLE Boxing Club experience. Rallying members and employees around a cause that’s important to them helps promote each club’s community spirit.

“Our clubs partner with charitable groups and causes that are important to their members and their community,” said Jenny Parker, senior field marketing manager for TITLE Boxing Club. “When clubs choose a cause that hits home for them, we see passion and heart in their fundraising efforts. We love seeing the impact they have as a result of that passion.”

Warrior Week

Warrior Week, TITLE Boxing Club Overland Park 148


The Residual Effects of Caring

While TITLE Boxing Club franchisees’ passion for helping their communities is genuine, they do experience positive residual effects, such as retaining members and valuable employees. A large part of TITLE Boxing Club’s membership and staff are made up of millennials, and they appreciate the effort brands they support make to give back since they highly value charitable giving.

Plus, caring is attractive regardless of which demographic you come from. By helping their communities, businesses endear themselves to the hearts of locals, which increases the potential for boosting business. When you work with the community for a common cause, it naturally builds camaraderie and trust. When that happens at TITLE Boxing Club, members want to support their local club.

“Our mission at TITLE Boxing Club is to be the best hour of your day. We do that through our workout and how we show our members that we care about the people in our clubs and our community,” Jenny said. “We want our members to be proud to be a part of TITLE Boxing Club both for the workouts and our community.”

Providing franchisees with the autonomy of selecting the causes to support in their communities makes them feel good, too. When you have happy franchisees, you have a powerful brand.

“Partnering with charities and causes elevates the brand and bonds our clubs,” Jenny said. “Our franchisees enjoy being involved with a brand that gives back and feeling like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.”

Are you interested in joining a franchise that gives you the power to choose how to give back to your community? Visit franchise.titleboxingclub.com to learn more about franchise opportunities with TITLE Boxing Club.