TITLE Boxing Club is a Fitness Franchise that Genuinely Makes People Feel Good About Themselves

Exercise and workout routines are how many people relieve stress and build strength all at once. For TITLE Boxing Club members, it’s more than just part of staying healthy, it’s a passion.

When members visit a club, they enter a community with a united goal—to be their best selves. The training and support found within a TITLE Boxing Club have helped members reach their physical and mental health objectives.

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TITLE Boxing Club workouts are carefully crafted, utilizing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to maximize calories burned in as little as 30 minutes. The full body and mind workouts keep members engaged and retention rates high. When a brand promotes confidence like TITLE Boxing Club does, it’s an easy choice for members to get and stay on board. Here’s how it works:

The Body Takes Shape with Boxing Workouts

HIIT workouts have become more popular in the past decade because they are proven effective at shedding pounds, toning muscle and boosting energy. They combine short, high-intensity bursts of cardio activity followed by an equal or longer period of rest. They have proved to have a more impressive impact than traditional, steady aerobic exercise.

These focused workouts allow participants to do more for their bodies in a shorter period of time. HIIT is more efficient burning calories and fat and builds muscles more effectively.

As with any exercise, HIIT releases endorphins that boost members’ moods and keeps them motivated throughout the rest of class and day. The lift is addictive and keeps them returning to TITLE Boxing Club boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) workouts again and again.

Another added benefit is the afterburn. Since HIIT workouts impact muscles at such a high intensity, your body can keep burning calories for up to 24 hours after the workout. The full body HIIT workout is at the center of each TITLE Boxing Club class, on top of traditional heavy bag and core exercises, which changes your body and engages your mind.

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TITLE Boxing Club Enriches Mental Health

The boxing, kickboxing and MMA workouts at TITLE Boxing Club are results driven, motivating members to work toward mental goals, as well as physical goals. Exercise is a natural antidepressant, improving members’ moods and lowering stress levels. TITLE Boxing Club members say that a boxing class can change the whole outcome of their day.

The TITLE Boxing Club community helps members stay motivated and encourages them to return to class and continue to reap these mental benefits. Members feel safe and free in class, prepared to give it all to the bag.

The goal at TITLE Boxing Club is to be the best hour of someone’s day. The welcoming community motivates and encourages members to keep coming back and reaching their goals. That, coupled with the rewarding workouts, make it all possible.

Franchisees Feel Good, too

Franchisees feel the rewards of these workouts too. Club owners see high retention rates thanks to their commitment to building strong, proud and connected communities within each club. By building and maintaining an engaging environment where members see results, franchisees experience peace of mind along with a healthy bottom line.

The sense of community for franchisees extends beyond the four walls of each club. Franchisees typically get involved in the larger community by helping charitable organizations and causes of their own choosing. Not only do franchisees appreciate the autonomy, but they also like making a difference. It elevates the brand, which benefits the entire franchise system, and makes them feel connected to their cities and towns.

When your fitness concept produces physical and mental wellness for members, and mental and fiscal security for franchisees like TITLE Boxing Club does, you have a winning franchise combination. Ultimately, members and franchisees feel good about themselves together.

To learn more about becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit franchise.titleboxingclub.com.