Thought Leadership with Todd Wadler: The Importance of Having Someone in Your Corner

It’s no secret that relationship-building is one of the most important parts of running a business. From your partners to your employees, other entrepreneurs and of course, consumers, you can’t put a price on a strong connection.

For entrepreneurs, investing in a franchise is a big decision. They want to feel comfortable with the team who will be supporting them and be able to dive in confidently.

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People: The Foundation of a Strong Business Model

Your people can make or break your business. Building a strong team is essential for long-term success. You want to hire passionate people who complement each other’s strengths and bring out the best in your brand.

When BoxUnion acquired TITLE Boxing Club, they knew that if they could get a solid team in place, they’d be able to roll out the necessary changes and improvements much more efficiently. It’s not only about hiring people who are good at what they do; it’s about hiring people who are the right fit for your brand.

If your brand is centered around a healthy, active lifestyle, you probably wouldn’t hire someone who didn’t share that same passion and didn’t see the value in regular workouts or enjoyable recreation. TITLE Boxing Club has the same mindset when it comes to franchise partners. Not every great entrepreneur is a great fit for every brand.

Transparency: The Core of a Trusting Relationship

Trust is a major component in any relationship- business or personal. Honest conversations can be difficult to have, but the best leaders are those who aren’t afraid to have them.

Just like TITLE Boxing Club encourages franchise partners to approach them with any questions or concerns, they’ll also be the ones to start open dialogues when needed. If they feel like there are ways a franchise partner could be improving, they’ll step in to help. If they are impressed with a franchise partner’s ideas and actions, they’ll contact them to learn more.

The TITLE corporate team values honest feedback. There are always ways to improve in business, on the franchise partner side and the corporate side. What’s important is having two parties who are willing to listen and put in the work to get to where they want to be.

Welcoming Change

When TITLE Boxing Club was acquired, it was a big transition for franchise partners and the corporate team.

“Change is difficult, but if you invest right, change is bound to happen,” said Todd Wadler, CEO of TITLE Boxing Club and Co-Founder of BoxUnion.

Many franchise partners experienced firsthand just how beneficial change can be. As new processes were implemented, sales skyrocketed.

The truth is: people want to be led, but they don’t want to be led by just anyone. They want to be led by people who share their passion and are truly in their corner.

Todd and Felicia Alexander, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of BoxUnion, see themselves as franchise partners. They believe in approaching business from an operator viewpoint and work regularly to make the franchising process efficient, profitable and rewarding for all parties involved.

The Future of TITLE Boxing Club

As a rapidly-growing franchise, TITLE Boxing Club hopes to continue this expansion to become the leading omnichannel boxing fitness brand on a global level. They are doing all they can to expand on their services, build out additional revenue streams for franchise partners and capitalize on the 160 billion fitness industry. In the coming years, they will continue to spread their mission of helping others live their best life.

“For us, it’s not just about creating better boxers, but better people,” Todd explained.

Are you looking to join a fitness franchise where you’ll always have someone in your corner? Contact us today to learn about opening a TITLE Boxing Club in your area.