Owning a Fitness Franchise that Packs a Punch

Nearly one out of five Americans belongs to at least one health club – a membership increase of more than 25 percent since 2009. Raking in more than $87.2 billion in annual revenue, health clubs present an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into the fitness industry.

But, some fitness concepts are better than others. With its proven demand, best-in-class business model and unrivaled strategies for lead generation and member retention, TITLE Boxing Club is one of the best investments the industry has to offer.

Strong Demand in a Growing Industry

Boutique fitness studios are the main driving force behind the fitness industry’s impressive recent growth. As more people prioritize health and wellness, overall gym membership rates have increased – but no segment as quickly as the skyrocketing rates seen in boutique fitness clubs.

In the past year, there has been a 100 percent increase in boutique fitness club membership, bringing the number of niche club members to well over 60 million Americans. That’s good news for concepts like TITLE Boxing Club, whose franchise partners have seen firsthand the strong returns they can generate by capitalizing on this widespread consumer preference.

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A Membership Model Built for Success

Not only are TITLE Boxing Club membership figures increasing at record rates, but these memberships also command premium prices from clientele. In fact, boutique club members pay, on average, nearly twice as much for memberships as what they spend on traditional gyms. The higher prices, along with a membership model that creates recurring revenue, set TITLE Boxing Club franchise partners up for success.

With our TITLE Card, members typically join a club for more than $100 per month, with an annual commitment. Our price for membership delivers a high value to members while allowing for consistent, predictable revenue for franchisees. By committing to one full year, members save more money than drop-in or month-to-month membership fees.

But, more importantly, this also creates a sustainable, predictable and consistent revenue stream that franchisees can count on for months in advance. Not only does this model allow franchisees to operate with more accurate budget projections, but it also creates stronger brand loyalty and more consistent revenue for them. And, unlike other franchise concepts, TITLE Boxing Club franchisees determine their club’s membership fees, so they can easily adjust their prices to correspond with their market demographic.

But, with two other profitable revenue streams – retail and personal training – franchise owners have the opportunity to market even more products and services to their existing members.

From boxing gloves and wraps to branded workout gear and water bottles, TITLE Boxing Clubs’ retail sections provide members all the equipment they need to excel at any boxing workout. Personal training allows for more one-on-one attention and customized workout plans, and at around $100 per session, this revenue stream is an extremely profitable and effective add-on for franchisees to offer members.

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Gaining New Members – And Keeping Them in Your Corner

Our pricing flexibility and annual memberships aren’t the only things that keep clients coming to TITLE Boxing Club. With our second-to-none marketing support, we are constantly looking for ways to reach new audiences and bring new members into their local TITLE Boxing Club every day. By increasing our international, online and local presence, we’re able to reach and empower individuals and encourage them to check out their nearest TITLE Boxing Club location for a free class. We also offer a comprehensive, layered marketing approach that includes in-person and online marketing, whether through exciting events and promotions or social media and brand ambassador initiatives.

And, once we get people through the door, they become hooked. Our engaging and inclusive community atmosphere, along with our workouts that cater to every wellness level and health goal, make TITLE Boxing Club locations the perfect place for everyone to get fit. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled member retention rate – which is not only a testament to the quality of our trainers and workouts, but also to the health of the business opportunity for franchisees.

From growing consumer demand to TITLE Boxing Club’s membership model and marketing strategies that attract and retain members, TITLE Boxing Club presents an exceptional franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into the fitness industry.

To learn more about becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit franchise.titleboxingclub.com.

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