Members Use Boxing Workouts to Fight Life’s Battles

After battling breast cancer, TITLE Boxing Club member Jennifer Fontana feels empowered to fight to stay healthy every day. She doesn’t even have to throw a punch to feel the charge. She just needs to see the heavy bag.

“The bag is extremely empowering,” said Jennifer, a member of the TITLE Boxing Club in Overland Park, Kansas. “When I see the bag, I see health. It makes me feel alive. It gives me energy.”

Jennifer was already a member and enjoyed seeing the positive changes to her body when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2015. One of the worries that weighed on her most was if she’d be able to continue with her workouts at TITLE Boxing Club during chemotherapy. However, feeling good by her 10th treatment (out of 21), her oncologist gave her the greenlight to exercise. Jennifer immediately went back to her local TITLE Boxing Club and worked hard just to get through class, but she managed to do it and continued to attend classes. It gave her strength to win the battle.

“It was the one-two punch I needed to take down the fight of my life, which was cancer,” Jennifer said. “It worked!”

Inner Strength from Camaraderie

Consistently, those who use boxing as a total body fitness workout report that it has unique transformative powers unlike any other type of workout. Enthusiasts see their bodies become leaner and stronger through high intensity interval training with cardio, strength training, calorie-burning and stress-reducing benefits.

But beyond the physical changes, members of TITLE Boxing Club share experiences related to mental and spiritual alterations. They report feeling empowered in areas of their lives where they need it most. Many say it comes from the community at each TITLE Boxing Club gained from the camaraderie of fellow members, trainers and the franchise owners, as much as it comes from punching or kicking the heavy bag, shadow boxing, cardio drills and core strengthening.

She’s Worth It

Every day, Michelle Jones gives a lot of herself to other people – sometimes to a fault. Whether it’s trying to be a supermom or the best girlfriend, it’s easy to get mired in the needs of other people. But she never realized her self-worth until a fellow member of the TITLE Boxing Club in Lakeville, Minnesota, told Michelle that she was the reason she kept coming to the workouts. That simple interaction with the member, who was half Michelle’s age, was a game changer.

“I’ve done so much for other people,” Michelle said. “TITLE has just really given me the reason to say, ‘You are worth it, you can do it and just keep at it.’ It’s alright to have a bad day, it’s alright to come in and your workout’s not the best, but you still are here and you’re worth it. TITLE Boxing gave me my life back.”

It’s the workouts combined with the TITLE Boxing Club community that helps Michelle take on whatever challenges each day throws at her. “It’s a place I can go and I’m not a mom, I’m not a girlfriend. I’m Michelle at the bag, and it’s me and the bag,” she said. “Some days it’s tough to get warmed up, but I always finish strong. I made it through, and now I get to accomplish whatever I want the rest of the day.”

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