Lack of Business Experience Didn’t Prevent Sister-Brother Franchisees from Being Named TITLE Boxing Club Franchisees of the Year

Kate Carski has provided moral support to her younger brother Sam Heaps their whole life. When it comes to business, Sam supports Kate just as much. As multi-unit owners of four TITLE Boxing Clubs, they attribute their success to their collaborative relationship.

“Building this business wouldn’t have been possible without Sam,” Kate said. “We balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Neither of us had business experience, so we helped each other grow our skills.”

Kate said that people will often ask what the secret to their growth is, but it always comes back to their shared responsibilities. Due to their growth, committed staff and growing memberships, TITLE Boxing Club has honored Kate and Sam as Franchisees of the Year.

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TITLE Boxing Club is a Family Affair

Kate and Sam had both spent time in corporate positions and were tired of the monotonous grind. With no business ownership experience, they looked into franchising. Kate had heard of TITLE Boxing Club before, but hadn’t considered it as a career option. Once she learned more about it, Kate liked what the franchise model had to offer new owners like her and Sam.

“I originally thought the concept was focused on fighting,” Kate said. “But when I learned it was for fitness, I was on board.”

She then enlisted the help of Sam, who had experience as a personal trainer. Three months after their initial inquiry, they signed on and opened their first TITLE Boxing Club a year later in Virginia, in 2012. It was a great fit for the siblings, who opened another club and bought two more clubs since then.

Growth through Empowering Staff

While the duo worked to build their own business and management skills, they have poured significant energy into building their team, too.

“It can be challenging to step back and trust your staff,” Kate said. “But if you build a great staff and empower them, everything else will follow.”

The pair spent time finding individuals who were excited and driven by the brand. In order to deliver that empowering experience to members, they need a motivated staff. With four locations, they employ about 50 staff members. Kate said they know all by name and can clearly see the growth in each person.

In addition to staff, Kate and Sam utilize their monthly scorecard and metrics to propel their growth. The scorecard, a corporate initiative, helps Kate and Sam identify areas for improvement—from new memberships to retention rates—and helps them focus their energy in the right areas.

“We’re always learning, even after seven years,” Sam said.

Lean on Me

Having a sibling as a business partner has been a significant benefit for the duo. Their familiarity has made the business simple to operate.

“From the beginning, we never had a role and responsibility chart,” Kate said. “We always just knew. If I was working on one thing, Sam would pick up on the other.”

They complement each other’s’ management style well. Sam is very hands-on with training employees and empowering them to do their best work. TITLE Boxing Club’s franchise model built the foundation, and Kate and Sam have made it their own.

“Obviously, the processes put in place are crucial, and you have to spend the right amount of time on those,” Kate said. “But, really, our biggest advantage is each other.”

When it comes to their award, they see it as a way to commemorate their seven years of work together. It sets the stage for what is to come next.

“The award is motivating,” Sam said. “It’s reinvigorating us and our staff. We appreciate the recognition and look forward to a great future for ourselves and the brand.”

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