What This Husband-Wife Team Learned from Owning Multiple TITLE Boxing Clubs

Ashok Kumar married Kavitha in 2003, when Ashok was immersed in a corporate career in the IT field. But after 20 years in corporate America, Ashok became restless as his entrepreneurial spirit grew. After all, he was raised in a family of entrepreneurs in India and had wanted to become one himself.

In 2012, Ashok and Kavitha began pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurship together. The couple opened their first TITLE Boxing Club in 2013 outside of Detroit. Today, the husband-wife team works together to run two TITLE Boxing Club locations in Michigan, and they are in the process of finalizing a lease for a third location.

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Here’s what they learned about being married entrepreneurs:

Lessons Learned as Business Owners

The couple signed up for multiple units right away because they realized from the start that after putting the work into opening their first club, they would like to use the knowledge they gained to open additional locations.

“The lessons you learn and the experience you gain with your first club comes in really handy for the second and third clubs,” said Ashok.

Some of the lessons they learned that they’ve carried with them throughout their journey include:

  • Where to spend time and money on marketing, and having a designated individual to manage marketing
  • Watching class counts and new member arrivals, and staffing front desk personnel accordingly
  • Surveying members at the new club before deciding times for new classes

Ashok and Kavitha opened their second club in December 2015 – two years after opening their first location. As they predicted, they were able to use the experience they gained while opening their first TITLE Boxing Club to successfully open their second location.

In 2016, they were named Franchisees of the Year by TITLE Boxing Club for exemplifying the best qualities the company has to offer.

Now they look forward to opening their third location.

Lessons Learned as a Husband-Wife Team

Ashok and Kavitha manage their business together by dividing and conquering duties. Kavitha manages one club and Ashok manages the other. With a third location coming soon, they are looking into hiring a manager for at least one of their three clubs.

Ashok and Kavitha have been married for 15 years, which provides a level of trust and makes it easier for them to work together to manage their business.

“We know each other, so it’s easy to communicate, and we can talk or meet anytime,” Ashok said.

On the flipside, the couple has learned that they have to take a break from work sometimes as well. They’ve learned that it’s necessary for them to take a vacation here and there in order to give them some time together away from their business. Ashok and Kavitha aren’t alone with this challenge – striking a balance can often be challenging for family businesses. Despite that, Ashok is happy to own and operate his TITLE Boxing Clubs alongside his wife and is proud of all of they have accomplished together.

“I would definitely do this with Kavitha again, no doubt about it,” said Ashok.

With TITLE Boxing Club franchises, Ashok and Kavitha have been able to achieve their entrepreneurship and fitness goals together as a team.

“I have the sense of accomplishment that I was missing in the corporate world,” said Ashok.

Know What You Want When You Begin

In 2012, when Ashok decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship, he and Kavitha explored various franchise opportunities. They looked for a brand they both could be enthusiastic about, which led them to TITLE Boxing Club.

“I didn’t want it to feel like work,” said Ashok. “I wanted to be passionate about what I did.”

When he attended his first TITLE Boxing Club class in Kansas City, he was convinced the brand was the right fit. The workout is Ashok’s favorite part of owning TITLE Boxing Clubs, and he still does the workout himself at least three times a week.

“I’ve been in the United States 22 years, and if you told me 10 years ago that I would own boxing clubs in the future, I probably would have laughed,” said Ashok. “But it’s been a good ride.”

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