What Franchisees can Look Forward to at TITLE Boxing Club’s Convention

What Franchisees can Look Forward to at TITLE Boxing Club’s Convention

It’s time for the TITLE Boxing Club convention, when we celebrate our franchisees, as well as make sure the entire team is aligned with the vision and strategies for continued success. There’s a lot for franchisees to look forward to and take away.

“The conventions are the best way to communicate and connect with our franchisees,” said Susan Boresow, president of TITLE Boxing Club. “We’re able to share with them what the future is all about.”

Franchisees James Lloyd and Susan Boresow

James Lloyd and Susan Boresow, 2016 TITLE Boxing Club Convention


But, the 2018 convention is a little different because TITLE Boxing Club is celebrating our 10-year anniversary, so a portion of it will be us tipping our hats to the success the brand has achieved since 2008. But TITLE Boxing Club’s eye is still focused on the future. Here’s what our franchisees look forward to when convention time rolls around:


All of the workshops are intended to help TITLE Boxing Club’s franchisees with the key strategies and initiatives the brand is rolling out while remaining focused on its values. We will continue to apply integrity and dedication toward helping members live happy and healthy lives as they achieve their desired results. And, we wants to do this in a positive environment. The 2018 convention will feature seven workshops that span eight hours over two days.

“The workshops are to help our franchisees build revenue, sell more memberships and be more profitable,” Susan said.

The Experience

The two-hour long Experience presentation emphasizes the TITLE Boxing Club experience that involves boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts workouts. It usually includes a workout for franchisees and the corporate team.

Details of The Experience portion of the convention this year is a mystery, though.

“It’s a surprise,” Susan said. “It will include boxing, but that’s all I can share at this time.”

Kenny Greer, Franchisee

Kenny Greer, Franchisee

Keynote Speaker

Every TITLE Boxing Club convention features a keynote speaker who aligns with our message. Because we want franchisees to feel like the rock stars of the brand, Mark Schulman has been chosen as the 2018 keynote speaker.

Mark is a drummer who has performed with several big name artists, including Pink, Billy Idol, Cher, Foreigner, Velvet Revolver, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner and many more. He is also a professional speaker, who specializes in inspiring and empowering audiences.

“He’s going to bring his drums,” Susan said. “So, this will be a lot of fun.”

Social Events

The social events – vendor cocktail reception and convention after party – are as important as the structured events. The vendor cocktail reception gives franchisees the chance to meet the people who provide the clubs with the equipment and supplies they need, and build relationships with them.

Both events are also opportunities for franchisees to connect with each other and form a network of support at their level.

“One of the biggest values of being in franchising is sharing ideas and building relationships among franchisees,” Susan said.

The Awards

We also recognize our top performers with awards at the convention. Among the awards handed out is Franchisee of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year and the Spirit Award.

“We’re going to recognize the best of the best for 2017 in all key areas of business,” Susan said. “And we’ll continue to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.”

Brooke Budke, VP of Marketing

Brooke Budke, VP of Marketing, 2016 TITLE Boxing Club Convention


The Takeaways

Ultimately, the goal of the convention is to reinforce the understanding of franchisees about how much they are valued, because happy and healthy franchisees mean a happy and healthy brand.

“It’s all about unit and brand value,” Susan said. “How we provide more unit value to help them grow their business and how we provide brand value that goes toward the growth of the company, which helps the franchisees from a branding standpoint. Those two areas are first and foremost our goals for the convention. That’s what our team sets out to deliver.”

The TITLE Boxing Club convention is also a time for the corporate team to learn as it’s an opportunity for franchisees to provide constructive feedback to them. It helps the corporate team develop strategies and initiatives, which will be the focus of future conventions.

“Everyone is aligned, so we’re able to train, communicate and connect with them so they can go back to their clubs and execute all the great things we roll out,” Susan said. “We’ve got a great brand with an exciting future that’s filled with growth.”

To learn more about becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit franchise.titleboxingclub.com.