Boxing Tops the Charts as Year’s Preferred High-Intensity Workout

All research points to quick high-intensity workouts reigning the fitness workout of choice in 2017 and beyond. Why?

Five key reasons:

    • Time
    • Results
    • Stress Relief
    • Accessibility
    • Celebrity Popularity

Personal time is an increasingly valuable commodity, thanks to demands from rising career, family and social obligations. Specifically, the popularity of boxing soared as a high-intensity workout in 2016, eclipsing cycling which was the high-intensity workout of choice in 2015. Odds are boxing will remain the undefeated champ of fitness in the new year and for years to come.

High-Profile Results Deliver a Punch

The widespread publicity of results achieved by celebrities who box to stay fit or transform their bodies has added to the already growing demand for boxing studios like TITLE Boxing Club, which offers high-intensity, full-body workouts that include punching and kicking a 100-pound heavy bag in boxing and kickboxing classes.

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Female celebrities including Gina Rodriguez, star of the hit TV show “Jane the Virgin,” and singer/actress Demi Lovato posted photos of their boxing skills and training on Instagram, while the results and skills of some male celebrities were seen on the big screen, including Michael B. Jordan, star of “Creed,” and Jake Gyllenhaal, star of “Southpaw.”

More people continue to discover that boxing offers a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) total-body workout with cardio, strength training, calorie burning and stress reducing benefits. While cycling is a good cardio workout, it focuses mainly on the lower body. In other words, to work on the rest of your body after cycle class, you’ll have to spend more time at the gym working on your upper body.

Total Body Experience Flattens Cycling

In one session of a boxing workout, boxing club members get a cardio and strength workout while burning a large number of calories, according to Balance, coordination, reactivity and agility are also being exercised. Because of everything going on during the workout in all parts of the body, calories burn up quickly.

One of the most satisfying aspects of boxing (besides seeing your body get in shape) is hitting something with your fists – something you won’t experience in a cycling class. It’s a great way to relieve common stress, according to, because you’re releasing adrenaline. Hitting the heavy bag also causes a rush of endorphins, which will likely make you happier, too. The same results also come from kicking a heavy bag during kickboxing.

Getting HIIT without Getting Hit

As boxing workouts become more accessible to the general population, achieving results like Gina Rodriguez and Jake Gyllenhaal no longer seems unachievable to the average consumer. Even if fitness enthusiasts knew about the benefits of boxing, few of them dared to enter a traditional boxing gym because it was an intimidating environment.

Boxing gyms of the past were designed with actual pugilists in mind, most of who are guys already in great shape. There’s sparring in a boxing ring, where fighters take real punches to the head and the risk of injury is high. But boxing studios, like TITLE Boxing Club, deliver the HIIT total-body workout that boxing provides in a fun, community setting that both men and women enjoy.

High-intensity interval training workouts will remain popular in 2017, according to And, according to a fitness industry report on, the demand for bringing boxing workouts to the masses will continue to spur the growth of niche franchises like TITLE Boxing Club. This one-two punch will keep boxing at the top of preferred workouts indefinitely.

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