All Are Welcome at TITLE Boxing Club

Often, the hardest part about any life change is taking the first step. Whether it’s starting a new fitness routine or making a career change, TITLE Boxing Club can show you the ropes in both arenas.

One of the top five reasons people avoid the gym is because they’re self-conscious or intimidated, and when it comes to business ownership, fear of risk and the unknown can also play a big role.

TITLE Boxing Club has the tools, techniques, processes and support to help members and franchisees alike succeed. Both come from a variety of backgrounds, and the opportunities for them are tailored to fit their needs. The brand puts the right emphasis on empowerment and equipping newcomers with the right knowledge and strategies for growth.

TITLE Boxing Club as a workout and as a business is a great fit for those who have never boxed as well as for experienced athletes, for first-time franchisees and multi-unit franchise owners.

TITLE Boxing Club Westlake

TITLE Boxing Club Westlake

Newcomers at All Levels are Welcome

Those who take classes at or own a TITLE Boxing Club come from a variety of different fitness levels and industries. For example, boxing is often seen as a male-dominated sport, but 70 percent of TITLE Boxing Club members are women. And while business is sometimes seen as male-dominated, female franchisees are doing great things for TITLE Boxing Club, like winning awards and starting new fitness programs for people with Parkinson’s. Our members and franchisees are a diverse group that together define the TITLE Boxing Club experience.

Despite the common misconception that you have to be fit to start boxing, TITLE Boxing Club welcomes members at all fitness levels. Classes are offered in 30-minute to 75-minute sessions, making it simple for members to fit a workout into their schedule. Each class uses the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout, consisting of a warm-up, heavy bag rounds, core work and cool down. No matter your level, it’s motivating to work with everyone in class and have a trainer encouraging you.

Similarly, TITLE Boxing Club franchise owners come from varying levels of entrepreneurship, including those that have never owned a business before to seasoned entrepreneurial veterans. The established practices of a franchise make it a simple process for franchisees to bridge any knowledge gaps and build a strong club with engaged members. Unparalleled corporate support and a proven model optimize potential, profitability, investment and franchisee success. It’s the perfect environment for everyone—from first-timers to fitness lovers—to grow.

TITLE Techniques Class, TITLE Boxing Club Green Hills


Committed to Success

TITLE Boxing Club has developed a variety of tools for members and franchise owners to promote success, and the TITLE Boxing Club community is a unique tool for them. The feel of a small club, having workout buddies and knowing trainers and members on a personal level reinforces the community for all experience.

From the first day members try their introductory class, knowledgeable staff works to create the best experience by helping them properly wrap their hands and teaching them about equipment. It’s an experience for the body and mind, and members don’t have to go it alone. Group classes and one-on-one sessions with trainers help members learn and refine skills and continue on their fitness journey.

Franchise owners work with the same principles. Tools like the franchise playbook are key in leading new franchisees to success with their business. From day one, the corporate team works with new franchise owners to teach them to maximize their revenue streams and recruit and retain members. With training for each step of the franchise process and comprehensive ongoing support, the TITLE Boxing Club team always has their back.

The TITLE Boxing Club workout and business opportunity are truly made for all. Trainers and the corporate team teach new members and new owners the ropes and build each up for success. It’s more than a workout, and it’s more than a fitness club. With more than 175 locations across North America, TITLE Boxing Club is changing lives one jab and uppercut at a time.

TITLE Boxing Club Downtown Cincinnati

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