3 Tips for Success from TITLE Boxing Club’s Rookie of the Year Paige Hopkins

Paige Hopkins has some words of wisdom for entrepreneurs interested in becoming a multi-unit TITLE Boxing Club franchisee like she is.

“You’re smarter the second time around,” she said, shortly after opening club No. 2 in two years, and seeing membership steadily climb before and after launching in Orange County, Calif. She opened her first club in Evanston, Ill., in 2017, and earned the brand’s Opening Bell Award for breaking the record at the time for the most memberships sold before opening and during the first week of business. She became smarter by applying to her second club what she learned at her first.

Despite her first club being located in a city with a large transient population – college students who attend Northwestern University and Loyola University in Chicago – she managed to keep membership and the retention rate high. She did this by developing a welcoming and engaging environment.

Because of this, Paige was named Rookie of the Year by TITLE Boxing Club at the fitness franchise’s convention in October. The award is given to franchisees who have a club open fewer than 12 months, which ranks in the top 25 percent in sales (includes personal training, membership and retail) and delivers the premium product at a premium price.

“We came off of a successful year,” Paige said, “and to have the TITLE Boxing Club team recognize you like that feels good.”

Paige shares her formula for success here:

Focus on Family

Paige executed the TITLE Boxing Club playbook well. In particular, she emphasized the community spirit– for members and employees – that the brand is known for.

“We really tried to make our club feel like a family,” she said. “We say things like, ‘Welcome to the family,’ when people join as members. We want people to know us, and we want to know them and help them on their journey. Our goal is to take care of those who are our family. I think people feel that when they come into our club.”

When Paige’s members are there, they don’t want to leave – and they may want to spend more on retail and personal training. That’s because the sense of community triggers feelings that often cause people to make purchases:

  • Belonging
  • Trust
  • Values
  • Happiness

Fit and friendly, it’s easy for Paige to convey that family warmth to members and potential members. But the challenge when owning a business is sharing your vision and modus operandi with employees in hopes they, too, will carry out the mission with sincerity.

Hire People Like You

Paige’s solution was to hire people who were just like her, or close to it. She brought on individuals who would genuinely enjoy working in the club and who would take initiative to extend their efforts beyond their job title.

“I wanted to hire people I liked working with and who would emulate my character and way of working,” she said. “Most of my employees have stayed on since opening. Our staff really hasn’t turned over much. They’ve all become friends, they support each other, they encourage each other to be the best that they can be, and we all enjoy hanging out together.”

Paige’s tips for hiring the right people include looking for the following characteristics:

  • Ambition – Paige can tell a lot about a person from just the first phone call. Their interest and willingness to schedule follow-up conversations is one indicator of whether they’re the right fit for the job.


  • Social skills – Sometimes Paige arranges interviews at a coffee shop to observe how the candidate gets along with other people, which includes how comfortable they are making eye contact. “How they treat the people around us, how they interact with the barista when we’re ordering coffee, and if they hold the door for the patron behind us,” she said. “I pay attention to all those things.”


  • Relationship building ability – Paige assesses the candidate’s interest in building a working relationship with her by whether they want to know more about her.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Paige sought advice from other franchisees and the corporate team at TITLE Boxing Club, and recommends future franchisees do the same.

“The other franchisees in my market area were a tremendous amount of support and answered a lot of my questions,” she said, adding she attended the brand’s training sessions and conferences to expand her network of fellow franchisees.

Paige points to one of the many pieces of advice she received from the corporate team as being the most significant: Hire the right general manager because they set the tone at your clubs.

“That was the most important hire for me at both clubs,” she said.

Smarter the Second Time Around

Paige’s first club is the cornerstone for her multi-unit growth. It has been the foundation for the success of her second club more than 1,700 miles away in southern California. And, that club is off to a stronger start than the first because Paige has experience under her belt.

Her first TITLE Boxing Club location is self-sufficient and capable of running without her. Thanks to her hiring practices, Paige was able to promote employees who took on more responsibilities to leadership roles.

“It’s now an established, mature club,” she said. “I’m confident in who we’ve got there.”

To learn more about becoming a TITLE Boxing Club franchise partner, visit titleboxingclub.com.